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Caught in the flames

What is she running from?

Perfume and white lies


I shut my mouth

And throw away the key

The truth is in her eyes


So come on let’s get dirty, dirty

She’s a little freaky naughty

Girl who comes alive beneath the sheets


Wonder what they’d write about 

If they ever found us out

Better keep it on the low


Cause they don’t have to know

Just what we did before

We’ll keep it in between

Between you and me


My head is saying no

We’re rolling on the floor

Till everything crescendos

I’ll hold on to my secret love

So out of breath

Where is she coming from?

I’ll give her what she needs


She wants to die

I’ve got a loaded gun

We love until we bleed


Spinning a web again

Pleading innocence like you do

Figured you found a friend

Who’d put up with all the abuse


And lately I have been wondering

If I could take what’s left

Baby I can’t do everything

Now go on and save yourself 



I got this feeling, caught this feeling 
No way I can shake it
I look for friction in your bed


Medication generation
Baby let me save you
A crucifixion in your head


Let go of everything that you are
An echo repeated in the stars
I know this life ain't what it ought to be


And we all, all fall down

We all fall, we all fall down

We all fall, all fall down

Desecration illustration
Let you paint a picture
I'll be the iris in your eyes


Bad behavior, be your savior
Like a hooded figure
We live our lives in a disguise


Let go of everything that you are
An echo repeated in the stars
All of these bright lights make it hard to see

Ashes to ashes
And we go
Ashes to ashes
Let me go

Will never understand just what you do to me
Falling short and missing opportunities
Trying to be heroic in modernity


Can never seem to find you when I'm in LA
There was always something getting in the way
Now I guess there's really nothing left to say

A mile of brake lights from me to you
Another cold night that's slipping through
My grasp and I can't get over it
All of the moments we'll never have


Just want you to know

Nobody want to get political
Use their twitter feeds for the spiritual


Sending my love, prayers and thoughts
But prayers are not
What this reality needs
To fight what the fuck is happening


Nationalism is for suckers
We are one world
Sisters and brothers


Can't remain faceless, got to get out
Won't let a racist pumpkin stay living in the white house


I'll shoot you dead, I'll shoot you dead
Gone blind and I'm seeing red


Kings were meant to be


Killed, killed
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Kings were meant to be


Killed, killed
Oh, oh, oh, oh

We had forefathers well all four of them are gone
They bought and sold stones they could write their names on

Come over
Start over
And rearrange 


Hung over
Your shoulder



Thought I could let you go
Let you go, let you go
Well I was wrong


Thought I should let you know
Let you know, let you know
Well what's done is done


But I still don't know how 
To swim
Could you teach me?


I still don't know how
To swim
Could you teach me?


And the harder that I'm paddling
The more that I keep sinking in


I still don't know how
To swim

And I sure could use a hand

Could you hold me
In your arms


I'm sorry
If you forgot me
Grown apart

If looks could kill

Then lay me to rest

Pressure building

In my chest


And if I stay here if I drown
Would you follow me down?

We can try it once again until we get it right
So go on and grab my hand and baby hold on tight

And I love it when you dance you whet my appetite


So to all my funky people in the club tonight
Well go on and move your body make you feel alive
We could orbit round the sun just like a satellite

She had them big brown eyes hair jet black

When she turned around gave me a heart-attack

Can I get your number can I holla back?

I won't go home without you

Snap, snap, put you in a Kodak

When you trying to touch down? We can run it back

It's about to pop off, soda cap

I know there's something bout you

And I just can't figure it out

But there's something bout, something bout

Something bout, something bout you

I been running round, running round

Running round looking for clues

And I'm breaking down, breaking down

Just trying to get through

Something bout, something bout

Don't you shut me out, shut me out


Girl what can I do?

If I can't be your lover can I be your friend?
No I don't really want to chase you round again

But I'll do it if you make me girl

I'll do it if you force me to

Cause there's something bout, something bout you

You’re downloading my love when you need it
Tomorrow you'll control-alt-delete it
Well I'm not gonna wait around
On a hard drive full of mistakes


Your memory is baked, overheated
Your history's erased then repeated
Well I'm not gonna wait around
On a hard drive full of mistakes


And if you really gave a damn
You would be there for me too
Baby just like I'm there for you

Asked you will I see you again?

Maybe one day, maybe one day


And I stay missing my friend

In the worst way, it's not okay


If you could only face yourself

You could face your worst fears


Emotional drinking

Just a couple of beers


When you cried on my shoulder

It nearly brought me to tears


So if you find yourself

Late at night laying next to someone else

Will you really find yourself?


The best page is still waiting on the shelf

I promise

I'm no baby
I'm just Bergen



I like cake

Me and my big brother like cake



Bye bye